World Putting League


Frequently Asked Questions


1) Q: Who can join the WPL?

     A: Anyone can join, however all participants under the age of 18 must have permission from the parents to receive gifts and prizes.


2) Q: How do I join the WPL?

     A. You may join through any affiliate club or teaching facility. Their staff will handle your enrollment. 


3) Q: Do I need to belong to a golf club to join the WPL?

     A: No. Most affiliate clubs will be happy to have you participate in the WPL Putting Program at their facility. 


4) Q: What does the WPL Program cost?

    A: The basic WPL Putting Program starts at $25.00 per session. Many affiliates will add upgrades, such as prize packages and putting clinics, which may increase the price for the 3-month session. Check with the affiliate clubs in your market for details.


5) Q: Is there a gift package?

     A: Yes each player will receive a gift package with free and discounted items valued at approximately $400.00.


6) Q: Do I need an established handicap to participate?

     A: No. WPL is all about putting and a handicap is never used. Your personal putting statistics, which are provided as a part of the WPL Putting Program will give you accurate information about your improved putting.

7) Q: Can I join in the middle of a session?

       A:Yes. However, in order to qualify for prizes & trophies you must post 5 attested scores in the session, so the earlier you join the more time you have to post scores.


8) Q: What is the "Player Statistics"?

      A: WPL provides to each member, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST, their own player profile that allows the player to monitor his or her putting statistics. The statistics monitor, average number of putts per hole, average number of putts per round, number of one putts, and number of three putts. The statistics are kept each session then moved to archives where they can be retrieved by any member in good standing for as long as they are a WPL MEMBER.


9) Q: Why are the length of the putts always the same?

    A: In order to truly determine that the participants putting ability has improved, the statistics must come from a controlled environment. In as much as the length of the putts are always the same and the same practice green is utilized the statistics produced will be TOTALLY ACCURATE! In order to create a new look from week to week, the order of the putts may be changed, however the predetermined lengths must always be the same.


10) Q: Do I have to participate each week?

    A: No. There are up to 12 events or more in each session and you are only required to post 5 attested scores or more to qualify. Remember, the more rounds posted, the quicker your putting will improve. 

11) Q: How do I locate a WPL Affiliate Club in my market?

      A: Visit our website: and click on the button marked "affiliate clubs".


12) Q: What if there are no WPL Affiliate Clubs in my market?

      A: Contact WPL at and we will contact clubs in your market until one or more affiliate clubs sign on.


13) Q: I read that all scores must be attested. Why?

      A: WPL's program participants must finish every putt and record accurate numbers. Having all score cards attested assures the participants that they will be putting putts of all length, with no gimmes. This method will build confidence in the participants ability to make shorter putts, thus making them better putters during competitive matches.