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WPL's Program for Improved Putting

Introduction: The only stroke in golf that can be truly unique and still be effective is the putting stroke! Golf instructors all around the world will tell you that when it comes to the golf stroke, "it is not how but how many!!". Those same instructors will tell you to pick a stroke you are comfortable with, then practice, practice, practice. Practicing your putting can be boring and, until now, it has been virtually impossible to judge if your practice sessions have actually improved your putting. Many golfers will keep track of the number of putts they have during a round of golf and then compare their totals from round to round. This practice has no positive value at all because no two rounds of golf will have 18 initial putts of the exact same length. This means that even if your putting has improved, your next round of golf could produce a higher number of putts if the 18 initial putts are longer than you had in the last round of golf. This can cause golfers to be discouraged in their progress, even if in reality their putting has improved. Not with WPL's Program for Improved Putting!

The Program: Golf clubs and training facilities all around the world are signing on as WPL Affiliates to offer "WPL's unique program for improved putting".Each affiliate will be following the same WPL Program format as outlined below:

  1. The program has four 3-month sessions each year, beginning January 1. 
  2. Golfers will join the program at a facility in their immediate area (See Affiliate Clubs for a facility in your area). If you do not find a club in your market, please contact WPL at and we will contact clubs in your market until one or more affiliate clubs are added.
  3. Pay your affiliate club the required entry fee for their program. Fees begin at $25.00 per session and may be higher depending on each club's individual program upgrades (prizes, trophies, etc.). 
  4. Affiliate club will set up an 18-hole putting course on their practice green one or more days of each week at a predetermined time. The length of each hole is predetermined by WPL and all clubs will use these identical lengths. 
  5. Each week, as often as possible, each program participant will complete the 18-hole course. Each participant will complete the course with at least one other program participant who will attest the other's score card, where total number of putts, total number of one putts, and total number of three putts will be recorded. 
  6. All scores will be handed in to the affiliate club personnel, who will post the score to the following two leaderboards:
    1. The affiliate clubs private leaderboard, where each participant will be able to see where their putting skills rank among all the club participants.
    2. The WPL Worldwide Leaderboard, where each participant will be able to see where their putting skills rank among all the participants in the WPL Worldwide system. 
  7. Between the clubs weekly organized putting events, each participant is inticed to practice the WPL Putting Course, either in its entirety or partially, as often as possible. This will prepare the participant to post the best possible score at the club events.
  8. Each participant can post as many attested scores each session as desired, however in order to be officially ranked on either leaderboard, a minimum of 5 attested rounds must be posted. 
  9. All reported scores will automatically be posted to each participants personal player profile, where all their putting statistics will be stored in perpetuity for all members. Participants will be able to accurately determine if their putting is improving because every score posted will be from an identical set of 18 hole lengths, a controlled environment. This cannot be accurately determined counting putts during a round of golf (see Player Statistics section for more details)
  10. All participants are asked to attend at least one organized putting clinic each session to further solidify their putting ability. 
  11. Most affiliate clubs will award prizes at the end of each session to the best putters at their facility. This type of league competition is enticed in order to make sure each participant enrolls in the program on an ongoing basis. 
  12. In addition to the club level prizes, WPL will award the top participants on the Worldwide Leaderboard prizes as well (see WPL Prizes section for more details).
  13. As a WPL Program Participant, you will receive many additional benefit:
    1. A gift package with free and discounted items, valued at $400.00
    2. Discounts on vacation packages to WPL's corporately owned vacation properties (see WPL Vacation Property section)
    3. Group pricing on cruise packages
    4. Group pricing on golf vacation packages
    5. Discounts on golf products and equipment
    6. Vacation package raffles held throughout the year
    7. Annual golf jamboree and putting tournament with discount accomodations and golf packages.